Wall mounted response boxing bar

$ 199.00


  • Dimensions: 64x70x46 CM. This is suitable for use either at home or at the gym. Freely rotating padded bar for the development of boxing agility and speed skill development. It can be easily mounted at your desired height (depending on your desired height range). For assembling, see instruction images in detail.
  • Boxing Bar Spinning Bar -This innovative boxing bar system is a truly groundbreaking product that helps beginner or advance level trainee to learn core fundamental boxing skills. Helping to develop: hand-eye coordination, footwork, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy, power simulating realistic sparing experience in a safe environment.
  • Heavy Duty-Ideal for beginners and the professional boxers to master your technique. Suitable for professional gym and home use. Rotating bar is ideal for improving hand and eye co-ordination. The heavy-duty wall mount frame for punching stick is designed to sustain the severe kicks and punches.
  • This punching stick can offer plenty of option to the fighters in one single package fighter have to option to train themselves with hook & Jab, uppercut & lower cut punching elbow training speed punching & punch control training. Best for Martial Arts and Boxing Training and is easy to use in the areas where there is construction restriction.
  • Instruction- Wall mounted, Flat wall folding after use, Bolts/Spanner Supplied, Height adjustable telescopic pole, Easy assembly, Weight inc packaging 6.5kg. Must be fitted to a brick wall.