Ultra-Flexible Camera Positioning Solutions

$ 23.90$ 129.00

  1. Z Flex Tilt Pad allows adjusting freely and easily to adjust various shooting angles you need to capture the best scene. (can be used with Camera & Phones)
  2. Smooth moving Slider allow you to do camera moves that are nearly impossible to do manually. You can obtain a wide range of different shots with a motorized slider.
  3. Panoramic Camera Pad enables you to shoot multirange panoramas.


The Easiest and Fastest adjustable Universal Tripod head! More versatile than your traditional tripod head. Get the perfect shot every time, and the exact angle with every shot!

Award-Winning Product
Our Z-Flex Tilt Pad is an award-winning solution that allows you to capture any angle in the process of shooting. We are proud to be endorsed by filmmakers and photographers all over the world, and you can order with confidence knowing that our products are top of the line quality.

More Angles Made Easy

Now all you need is one hand to adjust your camera to capture any angle you want to capture!

Ultra-Flexible Camera Positioning Solution
Z Flex Tilt Pad is the Ultimate Pan & Tilt Solution to frame your shots easily and freely. Z Flex Tilt Pad comes with an additional joint that makes it much more versatile.

Seamless Height Adjustment
Adjusting your tripod height is now a thing of the past! Add extra height to your tripod with a simple pull gesture and adjust it to any position you desire! Stand Alone
The stand-alone feature comes very useful when you don’t have an extra hand and want that perfect shot! No need for legs, or tripods. All you need is your compact Z-Flex Tilt Head, camera, and your smile!  Adjust with one hand.


Increase your dolly in/out the range with any slider by 6.7 In (17 cm) when fully extended.

Portable & Convenient


  • Convenient and portable, lightweight & flexible
  • Ultra Stable, Supports DSLR Cameras up to 12lbs/6Kg
  • Muti-angle folding. You can easily adjust the angle of the tilt head in the process of shooting. Support vertical shot, horizontal shot, with a sliding track more stable than the platform.
  • Universal tripod head to use with any Tripod. Connects to the tripod, slide rail, video track slider, stabilizer and more
  • Mounting Options: 1/4″ on top and 1/4″ 3/8″ on the bottom, which can meet different requirements.
  • Plastic material, integrated body design, surface anodic oxidation treatment. Rubber gaskets not only increase the resistance with the body but also resist aging.
  • QUICKLY adjust to portrait mode