Top Water Swimmer for Bass Trout Walleye Pike Musky Crappie Muskie

$ 8.95$ 30.99

BASS fishermen this has your name all over it, these lures will attract that BIG BASS with its unique Swivel like tail making the perfect ripple in the water. 🐟

The Top Water Swimmer has been designed to float on water and to create Lifelike motion, reel the lure in slow, the unique tail will swivel attracting all sorts of attention, now JUST Wait for the hit, we can’t guarantee the size of the BASS but we can tell you will love when the fish HITS!

Specification 🐟

Category: Lure
Position: River, Boat Fishing, Lake, Reservoir Pond
Type: Artificial Bait
Model Number: Whopper Popper
Weight: 13g
Length: 90mm/3.5′
Diving Depth: Topwater
Action: Floating
Hooks: 2 Sets of Black Treble Hooks
Eyes: 3D Holographic Fish Eyes
Tail: Flexible Soft Plastic Tail
Package: Retail Box