Time Delay Ball Stretcher

$ 29.90

Time Delay Ball Stretcher

Get that ball sack front and center with the Time Delay Ball Stretcher. The Stretcher is a super soft silicone ball stretcher with a curve specially designed to stretch your balls just right. With just the right amount of stretch and the perfect amount of weight, the Time Delay Ball Stretcher bends your ball sack forward for an exhilarating ball stretch. The ribs along the side and the thick ridges along the top and bottom help give the Time Delay Ball Stretcher more stability while remaining super soft and comfortable.

Choose from two different sizes of the Time Delay Ball Stretcher. Small will fit most every ball sack under the sun while the large is for the bigger ball sacks with more stretching experience. The pure platinum silicone material stretches to fit and quickly warms up to your body temperature.

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