Soybean sprouting made easy!

$ 59.00

  • [Time Control LED Display]: After setting the sprouting time, you can see the time on the LED display. The machine will stop when time’s up.
  • [Sprout in winter]: 3 temperature modes, you can sprout beans even when the temperature is 41℉/5℃. Professional technology to make sure the seed sprouting in 2.5 days.
  • [Automatic & Intelligence]: Sprinkle water automatically and consistently to provide sufficient water to grow the sprouts.
  • [Safety design]: Water and electricity separation. Don’t worry about leakage.
  • [Healthy & Green]: Made of food-grade PP material.
  • US, EU and BS plug adapter will be provided based on your shipping address. 

Sprouts are an excellent source of protein, amino acids, and vitamins, which provide numerous health benefits. Due to such advantages, soybean sprouts have been preferred as a part of daily diets in Korea and quality soybean sprouts are in high demand in the edible food market. Soybean sprouts are the perfect vegetable to grow indoor during extreme weather and food crisis.