NEW PRODUCT – Portable Printer Allowing You To Print Anywhere

$ 49.90

Print your best memories and make them last forever! 

This is a compact printer that is specially developed to be able to print photos and texts with your smartphone by bluetooth.
The best part? It uses thermal printing which means it doesn’t need any ink to print!
It’s fastereasiermore convenient and cheaper than any other form of printing!

Stay in control when you work and print your notes to organize your classes or label everything you want.
Immediately print photos at any location. Due to the heat technology, ink is not used and no unnecessary costs are added.
Handy for travelling! Because the printer works on a battery, you do not need a power cable and you can take the Portable Printer anywhere, anytime.
Download our free app for Android / IOS and print all your selfies and photos of precious moments with the push of a button!
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Thermal Sticker | 6Pcs White or Color Thermal Paper








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