[Large 12inches] Phone Screen Amplifier

$ 19.90

Phone screens are getting larger, true. Not large enough, however. Watching videos, reading, or even just browsing your social feeds deserves a bigger screen. That’s where the Phone Screen Magnifier comes in to play. Magnify your phone screen and make reading easy for you. Use it indoors, outdoors, while travelling –  the lightweight and portable design makes this perfect gift no matter what the occasion.

The Phone Screen Magnifier offers anti-radiation and ultraviolet protection to protect your eyes from fatigue. No longer will you have to squint or focus your eyes to catch the small details. Just set your phone down and the magnifier will make sure you can catch all the details crisply and vividly.




Experience the magic

Are you tired of looking too closely at a phone screen? Phone Screen Amplifier is the solution! It’s an easy and convenient way to watch videos on your phone for as long as you like without being uncomfortable and having to look too close.

  • Magnifying glass: This is a magnifying glass that makes watching your favorite movies on a phone easier
  • Hands-free: With Phone Screen Amplifier enjoy your movies or videos without having to hold your phone for prolonged periods of time
  • Portable and small: When closed, this is very small so you don’t need to worry about storage or having to hold it around
  • Ready to go: It requires no batteries, apps or any special requirements. All you need to do is put in your phone in the designated spot and enjoy
  • Universal: It works with every phone regardless of the size, so you don’t have to remove your phone case or worry if your phone fits
  • 12inch amplification function: The 12inch big screen can magnify the phone screen 3-4 times. Bigger screen for better watching experience.