GTT Sleep Well Gun Case

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It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, your wife shakes you and whispers:”Burglar!” in your ear. You fumble around looking for firearms. Maybe it’s in the nightstand drawer, under the bed, sheet or your pillows. In any cases, your firearms are not Ready!

When you have a home invasion, or other emergencies, you only have seconds to respond. Morpheus Bed Holster can solve that, as estimated by our local police officers, it can save you 5-10 seconds.

With GTT Sleep Well Gun Case, now you can grab you gun like a banana, right on your bed, and be ready for any situations.


GTT Sleep Well Gun Case is the answer for you!

A combination of practicality & comfort: GTT Sleep Well Gun Case allows you to sleep well at night but still be prepared for unexpected situations.

Non-slippable: 3-layer Anti-slip friction strips design secures the holster in place from falls or movement.

Adjustable and Universal: GTT Sleep Well Gun Case works with a lot types of guns or or other tactical gears like knives, mags, phones or flashlights. It can also be used for training.

Versatile: GTT Sleep Well Gun Case can stay securely under mattress, bedside, couch or car seat.

Why buy GTT Sleep Well Gun Case?

✔️Sticky: 100% sticky to any surfaces.

✔️Ready & Prepared : Allows you to get yourself ready for emergency even when you’re at home sleeping, reading books, fixing doors, cooking dinner or driving on highway.

✔️Time Saving: GTT Sleep Well Gun Case saves you a lot of time getting your guns, rather than running to your gun vault, pull the key out and grab the gun. Now you can get your gun mounted within a hand’s reach.

✔️Premium Quality: With High-quality 600D nylon material and 3-layer anti-slip friction material strips on both top and bottom, GTT Sleep Well Gun Case ensures years of serving you and your family.

✔️Space Saving: Mount your gun bedside can save you a lot of space.

✔️Comfort: Instead of carrying guns all the time at home or while driving, GTT Sleep Well Gun Case gives you 100% comfort, especially for all-day gun carriers.