Fun Toy and Also Air Freshener For Home Toilet Office Bedroom Car

$ 11.00

  • Magical suspension visual effects The two rings are placed obliquely and overlapping each other. By plucking the base of the ring, the two rings above can create a floating visual phenomenon.
  • Super decompression toys and decorations Small and exquisite, very interesting and innovative, it is very suitable for use in cars, offices, and homes. It is a decompression toy and a beautiful ornament.
  • Aromatherapy function A special natural aromatherapy tablet is provided to eliminate the smell of smoke and the smell inside the car, and naturally emits a light natural fragrance while rotating.
  • No battery required, 3 seconds installation This product can be rotated by hand to rotate without battery, environmental protection and energy-saving. Built-in strong stickers for easy installation and removal in the car and on the desk in 3 seconds.
  • Great gift choice This is a great gift for friends with cars. It is fun, decompression, compact and can be placed in cars and offices. It is also a fragrance box and small toys. Your friend will definitely like it and thank you.