Portable Travel Shoe Dryer for Sports Enthusiast (3 Pcs / Set)

$ 29.90

Buy 3 for only $29.90 (Factory Price). One For Every Member In The Family.

There are conditions which make your shoes to be wet. It could be either walking in the rain or snow, or rigorous exercise in athletic shoes. If not taken care of immediately the shoes become humid and smell. The solution to this problem is to quickly dry the shoes and eliminate the funky odor.

This shoe dryer can help you solve the problems with wet shoes. The shoes dryer removes moisture inside the shoe and with violet lamp sterilization device eliminates the growth of bacteria. This is a necessary product for your daily life when these conditions arise.


  •  Made of high-quality plastic material and an electronic component durable for use;
  •  The shoe dryer eliminates moisture from inside the shoe and the violet lamp sterilization device eliminates the growth of bacteria neutralizes odor and saves your shoes making them more comfortable.
  • It has bottom cable outlet protector to prevent it from being easily broken making it more durable for daily use.
  • The dryer is useful for sportsmen, fishermen, skiers and the people with wet shoes from whatever condition.
  • Suitable for leather shoes, cloth shoes, boots, rain boots, gloves etc.
  • Security indicator power cord is long enough for both shoes and exclusive temperature control, if left unattended.