3D silicone anal sex doll for men

$ 99.00$ 149.00

Paula 17×11.5cm/weight 1.3kg

Cathy 12*18cm/weight 1.5kg

Jamie 22*18cm/weight 1.82kg

The silicone butt mimics the body’s temperature and comes with a sexual silicon red pill to increase the stimulation of the penile head. It also has the function of vibrating to call the bed, which makes you feel more experienced. It supports two kinds of sex, including vaginal sex and anal sex.


Add some lubricating oil, then insert the heating rod and heat it for 2-3 minutes[do not leave the heating rod when heating]


Use it after heating, so that you can feel the warm feeling inside the private part of the silicone doll[please be sure to apply the appropriate lubricant before using the heating rod].


– Shape from an actual ass –This adult sex toy looks like a young girl with sexy curves, its captivating rounded hips, sexy vaginas, and labia, waiting for you to conquer. Enjoy the best sexual experience.

– Environmental and safe –Medical grade silicone, compatible with water-based lubricants. It has a realistic structure, non-toxic, odor-free, and feels like real skin. You don’t have to worry about whether this vaginal masturbator will harm your health.

– Careful packaging –We value our customers’ privacy. Therefore, for the purpose of delivery, a special sealed box has been set up and they are shipped clearly and confidentially without any suspicious label/writing trace.

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